Mountain Biking Mpumalanga – Wakkerstroom

Welcome to Wakkerstroom, an area fast becoming a popular cycling destination – Mountain Biking Mpumalanga in and around Wakkerstroom

Wakkerstroom lies approximately 1760 Meters above sea level and offers fantastic Mountain Biking Mpumalanga.  These trails have been well planned and are listed below, they give riders the opportunity to experience some of Mpumalanga’s wonderful scenery and bird life in and around the Village of Wakkerstroom.  There are several routes catering for the serious, and the not so serious.

Mountain Biking, Gravel Grinding and Bike Packing

Wakkerstroom is without a doubt the hidden jewel in the Mpumalanga crown of off-road cycling and surrounds the  have something on offer for level of cyclists. For beginners and little ones, we have routes through the village and wetland, on roads where the majority of traffic you will encounter, will be of the four-legged kind, or you can see them as spectators encouraging you on your ride.

For the intermediate rider we offer distances up to 60km’s with a fair bit of climbing, the scenery makes it worth your while. Birds like the Grey Crowned Crane, Blue Crane and Secretarybird and many others can be seen on the routes, so make sure your camera or phone is close on hand.

For the advanced riders we have numerous routes that will test your fitness and endurance to the maximum.

Strava (Fitness App)

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android users, and I-store for Apple users.  We have our own club on Strava, it can be found under – Wakkerstroom MTB, for walks you can join Wakkerstroom Walks. 37 Routes can be found on Strava, the shortest being 6km and the longest 200km.

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Training Camps

With the high altitude starting at 1760m above and quickly going to 2000m+ Wakkerstroom is the ideal base for training camps and rides for events such as:

  • Cape Epic
  • Cape Pioneer
  • 36One
  • Cullinan-2-Tonteldoos
  • Joberg2C
  • Sani2C/Sani- Non-Stop

Routes are safe with very little traffic and night rides can be safely undertaken; support crews can follow riders at all times.

So If you have had a rough week, pack your bags and riding gear and head off to Wakkerstroom to do some Mountain Biking Mpumalanga, situated only 290 Km from Johannesburg,  via Standerton.  Our beautiful scenery, fresh air and friendly folk will solve all that.

Come and blow off some steam.  Throw a leg over your steed and hammer it out for an hour or two.  This will have the same  remedial effects as lying on a couch.  Your problems may not have changed, but your outlook on them certainly will.  At the end of it all you can enjoy a well earned meal or refreshment at one of the many watering holes in town.

Riders are reminded to wear a helmet at all times, and to carry enough water, especially on the longer rides.

Please Note: No one can guarantee the condition of the sand roads, especially after a heavy rainfall has been experienced. When planning a trip it is wise to check the weather forecast as well.

Mountain Biking Mpumalanga


Route Descriptions and Maps

The 6 routes below were developed by Stewart Lombard using “Komoot”.  The routes are ordered by distance for easy choice depending on your energy levels.  Click on the route links to choose.  For full route benefits register with “Komoot” first ( you will then be able to view all the details and the “Tour Overview” and down load the GPX file for your GPS.

Explore Wakkerstroom Town – 11.6 kms

Airport Loop 16.8 kms

Wetland and Airport Loop – 23.5 km

Groenvlei Loop – 38 kms

Fickland Pan Loop – 47 kms

Jantjies Hoek, Driefontein and Amersfoort Rd Return – 66 km


The additional Routes below were mapped by Owen Castleman for your enjoyment.

Guinea Fowl Route (No 528043) – Hotel –  Martins Dam and Return – 6Km

Martins Dam is an ideal spot to enjoy the scenery and relax.  As you leave town be aware that the R543 can be a relatively busy road. Therefore Riders are encouraged to cycle facing the oncoming traffic.


Crane Route (No 524121) – Wetland Circular Route Via Oude Stasie –  12Km

This route will take the Rider over the Bridge straddling the Wetland. Here the rider can pause to enjoy the scenery as well as the bird life, and possibly spot an Otter or two. Shortly after crossing the Wetland bridge the rider must  turn left and follow the contour of the Wetland. The rider must once again turn left  onto a sand road and travel past the “Oude Stasie” where it may be possible to  stop for some refreshments. Continuing on the route the rider will cross an old stone bridge before heading up an incline towards the R543 Turning left towards town it is suggested that the rider face the oncoming traffic at all times. At Scheiding road turn left and follow the route back to the Hotel.


Lark Route (No 526331) – Fickland Pan Circular Route – Very Scenic-  47km 

The Rider is to leave the Hotel and follow the Route map instructions. After crossing the Wetland bridge, the rider must continue on the road to Amersfort. This is a straight undulating sand road. Turn left (first turn to the left) towards Volksrust. (approx 8 Km). Pass the old Railway crossing sign. The route travels past an old circular stone building on the right hand side of the road. Further along the road the Uys farm entrance will be on the left. At the Tee junction turn right and travel on to the Fickland Pan signboard, on the way the Rider will pass the Malan Farm entrance with a Signal tower visible on the left hand side on a hill in the distance. Travel past the Fickland Pan entrance, (Note that if you wish to enter the Pan there is a fee payable at the Kraal). Follow the road until you reach the First right turn towards Wakkerstroom. Once again follow the road past the old Railway Bridge. At the next Tee junction you will see a Wakkerstroom sign, turn right and head back to town.


Spurfowl Route (No 526225) – Hotel – Zaaihoek Dam wall, and back to town-34Km

Leave the Hotel and travel down Kerk Street until you reach Von Weillig str. Turn right into R543 and then at first possible opportunity turn, left into Luttig str. Turn Right into Wallis Street and follow the Road into Saxony Street. This will lead you up to Joubert Street, turn right.This  is the road to Newcastle.  Continue on this road until you have visual sighting of Zaaihoek dam. The road is very hilly and winds its way up to the dam wall. Follow the same route on the return trip.


Pipit Route (No 524285) – Hotel – Landing Strip Out and Back course – 14Km

Leave the Hotel and follow the map directions. Travel over the bridge straddling the vlei and continue on the sand road towards Amersfort. At the first road turn right towards the Landing strip. Continue past the landing strip entrance.This is a straight road. It may be possible to see Crowned cranes in this area. Along the way you will pass a small grave stone on the right hand side.  The ride will start at the Hotel in Badenhorst street .Turn right into Kerk street, and travel along Kerk street until you reach Slabbert street .Turn Right .Travel along Slabbert street towards Ossewa Kop Mountain .This is the Utrecht sand road  .The rider will travel past an informal settlement area on the left  .The road will wind to the left and right and will become a lot steeper .At the Paulpetersburg sign ,make a left turn .Follow the winding road for approximately 16 Km where it will make a right turn .Turn right and follow the road from the 22km mark until the 34km mark The road will consist of twists and turns .At the 35 km mark, the rider will pass the Groenvlei buildings .Stay on the  road for approx 46km where you will once again reach the Paulpetersburg turnoff .This is approx the 46km mark .Keep left and stay on the road which will take you back to town. Follow the same route along which you started .The rider will have approx 6km to cover back to the starting point …


Egret Route (No 524369) – Landing strip circular route – 17km 

Leave the Hotel and follow the Map directions which will be the same as for the Landing strip out and back course.  At the point where the Route – 524285 turned around – carry straight on. The rider will be travelling on a narrow path at times. Eventually the route will become very challenging, even for the most experienced cyclist and it is recommended that you dismount and walk. Further on the rider will come to a low water bridge. Carry on and follow the path which will cross a stream. An African smallholding will be to the left of the path. On the right will be an old stone building originally used as a shed or stable. Follow the road which will eventually connect with the R543. Turn right and follow the road back to town. Suggest that you ride facing  the oncoming traffic. On route back to Town you will cycle past  Martins Dam (Refer  Route- 528043)


Kite Route (No 526095) – Wakkerstroom to Zaaihoek Dam Circular route – 65Km  

The Rider is to leave the Hotel and follow the Route map instructions. After crossing the Wetland bridge the rider must continue on the road to Amersfort. This is a straight undulating sand road. Turn (first road to your left) left towards Volksrust  (approx 8 Km). Pass the old Railway crossing sign. The route travels past an old circular stone building on the right hand side of the road. Further along the Uys farm entrance is on the left. At the Tee junction turn left and follow the sand road towards Volksrust. At the tee Junction turn left towards Volksrust. Travel left on the R543 until you reach the Utrecht turning to the Right. Follow the sand Road until you reach the Zaaihoek Road. Turn left and head back to Wakkerstroom.


Ibis Route (No 526101) – Groenvlei Circular Route – 52Km

The rider is to leave the Hotel and follow the Route map instructions. Follow the instructions from the map and take the route towards Utrecht The ride will take you up a long uphill past the informal settlement up to the Paulpietersburg turnoff which is to the left. Follow the road as per the instructions all the way around and back into Groenvlei. At Groenvlei turn right and head back to Wakkerstroom.


Neither the Wakkerstroom Tourist Association nor the Wakkerstroom Natural Heritage association, will accept any responsibility for any injury, illness, accident while Mountain Biking Mpumalanga or Hiking or any other detrimental occurrence that might take place on the rides.