Ina Millman – Artist

My Creative Statement

Painting is a creative expression of my inner soul. It is healing, energizing, awe-inspiring, humbling, and teaches me to be in the “Now”. I am so consumed with my painting that I am unable to worry about mundane things. Painting connects me to Nature, God, and the collective subconscious. I love what I do, and I am passionate my work. I feel supremely blessed to be able to live out this passion of mine every day.

Painting becomes a kind of meditative exercise where the artist is so absorbed in the painting, or painting process, that unimportant trivialities are shut out! This is why painting is so therapeutic. It becomes easier to listen to your soul when you shut out the constant chatter in your mind. “The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become” Paulo Coelho.

Artists spend much time alone, which allows for soul-searching and self-enrichment. However, as most artists know, it can be lonely and agonizing! I also love people , love the social connections of souls, and enjoy helping aspiring artists. For that reason I organise Artist’s retreats (Art holidays) where artists connect, work together and inspire each other. It is a joining together of like-minded people, and a networking of kindred spirits. Shared passion and joy is expounded for all. It is a wondrous experience to be in the company of so many kind, talented, child-like, and fun-loving people.

We ignite enthusiasm amongst each other. This communion is uplifting, not only for the spirit, but in some subtle way, also for the standard of our art. To do something, anything, with passion, is to awaken that life-force within us – to make one feel totally alive and to know that what you do has meaning and purpose.


The Sky Scape below was painted in a few minutes as an example to lead the class during the Sky Scape Workshop

Demonstration painting at Papillon course

The painting below was painted by Ina as an example for the students at a past Wakkerstroom workshop on “Water and Reflections”. Each artist painted his own, unique painting. Everybody  chose their own photos, and produced beautiful paintings over the course of the week end.


The Art Courses by Ina Millman in Wakkerstroom are held every two months. This gives students time to practice on their own in between courses, and to apply what they have learnt.

Besides the subjects covered (for example “Nguni Cattle”, “Water and Reflections” etc.) students are taught the basics of colour mixing, learning to see shape and tonal value.

Hermanus - paintings 151

When one has something to say, or paint, it is necessary to learn the vocabulary to express oneself. The vocabulary to be acquired, in this instance, is the skill of painting. When you have something to say, or convey, or paint, you are then able to express it beautifully, or convincingly.

Ina helps each artist to sort out the composition, colour, etc of his own painting. The courses are a hands-on approach. Each student is guided, and encouraged to paint in his own style. The artist is also given suggestions on how to give his painting more impact. Ina teaches various techniques and tricks of the trade. She also gives colour recipes, and various ways of achieving an end result.

Most students finish their painting by the end of the week end, or are empowered to complete it at home with advice from the teacher. There are ongoing crits of the students’ progress. Ina also encourages students to learn from each other, or to pick up useful ideas from other course participants in so far as it would benefit the particular painting that they are working on. The courses are designed to accommodate artists of all levels – from rank beginners to advanced artists.


All courses include tea, coffee and cake, as well as a substantial lunch from the Bistro next door.   Should you be interested in joining a course, please feel free to contact Ina on +27 11 83 409 3867 or Lizzie on +27 72 252 5781.  Look forward to hearing from you…

To review the report back re the previous Wakkerstroom workshop from 9 & 10 March, with photos of paintings made by course participants, and a prompt for people to listen to the Radio Interview follow the link below.

Some paintings done during the Dec 2013 workshop.

It was a really rewarding experience enjoyed by all.