Ossewakop Hikes




    For all walks you should have

    proper walking shoes/boots, drinking water and a warm top


    There are some truly magnificent hikes on Ossewakop.

    The mountain has a myriad of pathways (mainly made by cattle).

    Sometimes they fade out, but if you carry on you will soon pick up another.

    It is difficult to get lost as most of the time the village is visible

    and there are many other landmarks.

    However exploring and discovering different walks is part of the enjoyment.

    There are treed areas with good birdlife, several little wetland areas.

    It is not the bland slope that it looks from the village.

    The starting point!

    We suggest that you park in the centre of the village in Badenhorst street.

    From there make your way up Badenhorst street towards Ossewakop.

    (You can however drive up to the concrete reservoir and park there.

    Break ins are unlikely, but not impossible).

    From the village you will pass the little Roman Catholic Church on your right

    and further up the Retirement Village on your left.

    Before the concrete reservoir, to the right of it, is a stone cairn.

    From the cairn, walk to behind the reservoir, to the left on the horizon

    you will see two large blue gum trees.

    Head towards these.  There are pathways, but these sometimes fade out,

    however, keep going over several rocky ridges to the two trees.

     Underneath the trees you will see a path heading up the mountain,

    take this path.

    It will take you to a wide plateau, you can either go on up or turn left,

    pass a dam, turn right & make your way to the top of the mountain

    up the shoulder.

    Alternatively turn right and follow the plateau in a westerly direction.

    You will cross pathways that again go up, or down.

    You can follow this plateau for a long way and come down

    at the western end of the village.

    There are great views towards the Zaaihoek dam.

    Again from the cairn, go straight for a while, and then head towards the gulley

    on the right, cross it and follow a pathway that goes up the mountain.

     Again you will find different pathways to follow.  You will also get to the plateau.  You can also go more or less straight up to the top of the mountain

    (no pathways).

    If you turn right at the cairn, follow that path, you will find a lower, easier walk.  Cross the gulley, up the rise and then a fairly flat walk.

    You will cross several paths that take you down to a road,

    from where you can make your way back to your start.

    You can also go up at these intersections.

    The best walk to the top is to work your way to the right of the mountain,

     there is a contour path that steadily climbs up the right side and you

    come out between Ossewakop and Skot se Kop.

    Keep going left (you have to leave the path)

    and you will find your way to the trig beacon at the very top.

    Getting back – either retrace your steps,

    or find an alternative path that leads down the mountain.

    This serves as a guide to the walks

    and walkers/hikers do so entirely at their own risk.

    The Wakkerstroom Tourism Association does not accept responsibility

    for any injury, illness or any other detrimental occurrence

    that you might experience on a walk described above.