Fickland Pan Loop

This is an intermediate route starting from town and heading out on the Amersfoort Rd.

      Fickland Pan Loop – 47 kms

      After 8.5kms from the start turn left onto a road that heads due West and runs on the Northern side of the Spitskop mountain.

      At the T junction with the Volsrust / Daggakraal road (21kms from the start), turn right towards Daggakraal.

      The entrance to Fickland Pan is along this road (28kms from the start). About 1 Km past the entrance turn right on the road that runs parallel to the old railway line. The steel tracks do not exist anymore and all that is left is the stone ballast. Look out for the old railway bridge on your right as you cross the river.

      From the turnoff, it is 5km to the intersection with the Amersfoort road. Turn right and head back towards town (14kms).