Explore Wakkerstroom Town

      Explore Wakkerstroom Town – 11.6 kms

      This route is an easy ride around the town and surrounding suburb. It leaves the INFO centre and heads south west to past the Volkrust road and then along the edge of the Wetland until the fenceline at the end. Turn left at the fence and loop around towards the base of Ossewakop following the  gravel streets and footpaths and climb to the dirt road at the base of the mountain (5.9km). Turn left. After 400m do not follow the road (von Welligh str) down but carry on along the dirt track to the top of Scheiding str. From here you can ziz zag your way through town to the far N/E corner of the Wetland and the start of the Amersfoort road, before returning to the INFO centre along the Vlei.

      Take along the “Wakkerstroom Historical Route – A Cultural Tour” by one of the guides and visit some of the POI’s along the way.