Skrik Wakker – behave responsibility – Gathering


      29 Nov 2015    
      9:00 am – 12:00 pm


      The Train
      R543, Wakkerstroom, 2480
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      On November the 29th people all over the world will be gathering to ask their governments to behave responsibility at the forthcoming UN Climate Change talks. We already know that the climate is changing, and it seems unlikely that people and their actions are not at least partly to blame for this. If we are to avert real tragedy, It is urgent that all governments make genuine commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and one sure-fire way of achieving this is to move from dirty energy to clean energy. This is the thrust of the gatherings that will take place on the 29th.  Download the Pamphlet

       skrik wakker

      In Wakkerstroom, we too will be gathering – at 09h00 on the morning of the 29th, behind the train in van Riebeeck road. Why not join us? We’ve attached information for you, in the form of a pamphlet, as well as a poster that you might like to print out. If you’d like to join us, please register this fact by going to and signing up. Please tell your friends and family about this too.