LUNAR LOOP: March 2018


      2 Mar 2018    
      6:30 pm


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      LUNAR LOOP: March 2018

      Hello again Wakkerstroomers: cyclists, walkers and those who prefer to sit and enjoy the passing parade over a drink!

      On Friday 2nd March it will be full moon again, and again this is a blue moon – the second of this year. A blue moon happens when there are two full moons in one month and February was just such a month. Let’s all meet at Birdlife at 6:30pm, bring a plate to share and a bottle to not share, and head out from there. Let us pimp our bicycles and hiking boots and head out to watch the moon rise. Those who are not keen to walk/ride will bring plates and bottles to the hide nearest Birdlife for our evening picnic. Please don’t forget to bring torches.

      Anyone who needs assistance with transporting a bicycle please let me know.

      Remember that this is not a race and is simply a social event that will be fun.


      Carol                                  0837014670