Feedback from The Fibre Handcraft Fair


      11 Jun 2016 – 12 Jun 2016    
      12:00 am


      Yet again this year’s Fair was a great success. Now in its 8th year the Fair is well known and sells itself. As early as October 2015 exhibitors were already booking tables to the extent that we managed to fill both Halls in the NG Kerk grounds. Our advertising is extensive which certainly gets the word out !

      We would like to thank all the exhibitors for supporting the Fair (many of whom have come regularly for the last 8 years) and to welcome our new exhibitors into our “Fair Family” We look forward to seeing you all again next year with your wonderful creations!

      The standard and quality produced by the exhibitors is exceptional. To those of you who are reading this, remember that all products are made from a natural animal or plant fibre and hours of love and caring is imparted into each creation. You might ask then, ”Why is it so expensive”? Well the reason is because it is 100% natural with no artificial, man- made cheaper fibres added to bulk up the volumes – a bit like adding cheap fillers like soya or potato powder to food stuffs.

      The knowledge and awareness of those who visited the Fair is so encouraging. Believe me the public is becoming very knowledgeable about all things natural. They want to know from which fibre is the product made, how was it made and from where does the fibre come ? Fibres such as Bamboo or Banana yarn do not come from South Africa but the other natural fibres represented at the Fair do. The Fair supports South African produced fibres as far as possible.

      Fibres such as cotton featured in a large, very interesting exhibit illustrating cotton processing  by SA Cotton and Merino from the South African Wool Growers Association. Both these exhibits attracted a lot of attention. Other fibres such as Silks, Alpaca, Corridale, Angora rabbit, Mohair, Black Merino, Flax and Kapok, Bamboo and Banana yarn all either in natural colours or hand dyed.

       The weaving and knitting workshops held over three days were very well attended. Convenors Glynis Brooke and Linda Tacke were very encouraged with the enthusiasm and great interest shown by the ladies who took part. Many thanks and we hope to see them both again next year.

      The Fibre Fair supported the Wacky Knitters Charity this year. This group of local ladies knit for the less fortunate in the village doing a wonderful job producing winter warmers especially for children and the elderly. The Wakkerstroom Heritage blanket was a very successful raffle and the lucky winner is featured separately – please take a look !!! For enquiries and wool donations contact Berry Duncan H: 017 730 0786 or Cell: 083 267 3767

      In the meantime keep on crafting !

      For Fair enquiries contact Fen van Ryneveld (Fair organiser) 017 730 0739 or Cell: 083 326 8108