Bird Club – Bertus Burgers’ Farm


      12 Nov 2013    
      7:00 am

      Our next outing is a Farm Outing to:

      Bertus Burgers’ Farm

      Tuesday 12th November ’13

      Meet at the Wakkerstroom Library 7am. This is a beautiful farm where we have been conducting a Farm Count for a number of years.

      Only 4 X 4 vehicles on this outing.   Bertus says he can arrange a 4 x 4 for us but we will have to leave our hi-rise/bakkies at his farm.

      Also we will not be birding at the Burger’s Farm.

        This outing is solely to the source of the Slang River/waterfall., bring your eats and drinks, we will be back in Wakkerstoom by mid afternoon (I think!).

       Not to be missed. Good Birding, Good company, Beautiful scenery, Beautiful Farm.

      All welcome, so do try and join us

      Best Regards

      John Barrow

      Secretary/Treasurer, Wakkerstroom Bird Club