A Review of the Film “Travelling Birds”


      17 Apr 2013    
      3:30 pm – 8:00 pm


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      A Review of the Film “Travelling Birds” which will be shown on Wednesday Evening at the Wakkerstroom Bird Club Meeting, 15hr30 for 18h00 at the BirdLife Centre.

      Adventure in flight.

      Travelling birds is the latest breathtaking documentary from the production team that created both Microcosmos and Himalaya. Encompassing three years of shooting on 35 mm, Travelling birds looks at the magical and somewhat mysterious world of bird-life migration. These birds accomplish journeys of several thousand kilometres, beset with dangers, across the highest mountains, boundless oceans and burning deserts, all with the aim of survival. Little chicks have to quickly learn to fly and prepare themselves for their supreme test – their first migration.

      The cast list includes: Puffins in Iceland, Cranes in Japan, Geese across New York City, Turtle Doves in Mali, Ibis in Vietnam, Bald Eagles in Alaska and the Grand Canyon, Penguins in Antarctica, Macaws in the Amazon in Peru, Flamingos in Kenya, Andean Condors in Argentina and Chile, Swans in the Camargue, France, to the humble pigeons in the Pyrenees.

      With every bird species requiring a different way of filming – the circular flight of storks shot from a balloon, pelicans from boats, geese from uniquely adapted aircraft – and the beauty of the changing seasons across the continents, Travelling birds is the extraordinary odyssey of those that inhabit our skies.

      You do not have to be a member of the WBC to attend, visitors are especially welcome.

      John Barrow
      Cell No: 0822556778