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    We Offer You our best service at all times.  Please let us know what your needs are and we will try our utmost to source it.  The prices below are an indication at a point in time and may vary depending on the availability of the different products.   Please feel free to download the newsletter at the end of this page, it has recipes’ and useful health tips.

    Also Please note our ½ price markdown offer on selected products. Come to the Shop and see.  Some of the reduced items are listed below…

    Natures Choice Products

    Crispy Pizza Mix  Gluten Free  350g

    Calcium Carbonate  310g

    Lecithin Granules  100g

    Herbal Tea (Rheumatism)

    Herbal Tea (Colds & Flu)

    Herbal Tea (Anxiety)


    Health Connection Whole foods

    Chickpea Flour  500g

    Soya Flour  500g

    Health Baking Powder  500g

    Barley Malt 200g

    Products Available in the shop: 

    Linctagon – Throat Lozenges – Soothing throat and cough support.

    Linctagon – C – Fights infection associated with colds and flu.   Also for Hayfever support

    Sister Lilian Cough Syrup (sugar and alcohol free) Especially for children

    Cherry flavoured with Ivy leaf extract.

    Nature’s Choice – Herbal tea for colds and Flu

    Contains corn silk, ginger, peppermint  and fenugreek

    Nature’s Choice – Ascorbic Acid powder

    A powerful Anti-oxidant.

    Nature’s Choice – Vitamin C Capsules   

    Anti-oxidant and immune booster.


    Just Arrived !!

    Organic White Tea – 25 tea bags

    Organic Ginger Green Tea – 25 tea bags

    Organic White Fruity Tea – 25 tea bags

    An assortment of  nuts i.e. macdamias, Almonds, Roasted cashews

    Also dried Turkish apricots

    Coconut cubes

    Cut mixed peel

    Think About This………….. 

    “It is a thousand times better to have commonsense without education than to have education without commonsense.” – Robert G. Ingersoll


    Products Available in the shop:

     Rolled Oats, 500g

    Bodicare Detox-Fibre, 150g

    Greenhouse Olive oil, 250ml

    Senna Tea,

    Peanut Oil, 250ml

    Nature’s Choice, Colon Cleanse, 150g

     PLEASE NOTE:   We are selling other selected products at half price!

     Just Arrived – The Perfect Gifts!!    Bookmarks:

    Blackcollard barbet, Masked weaver, Impala lilly, Leopard 

    Tray soap set:  Purple Poppies

    Tray soap set: Muse

    Handbag round mirrors

     Think About This…………..

    “People are fed by the Food Industry, which pays no attention to Health….

    And are treated by the Health Industry, which pays no attention to Food.”   Wendell Berry


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