Bikers Code of Conduct

This code provides the framework for an agreement between the residents of Wakkerstroom and bikers, and seeks to ensure that the interests of all parties are considered.

      The residents of Wakkerstroom acknowledge that there are visitors and residents who enjoy biking and off road biking as a recreational activity, and wish to accommodate them.

      Some off-road bikes are not by law legally permitted on any public roads unless specific permission has been granted by the traffic department, and this is only done when the bikes are on their way to and from venues, when it is requested that bikers create the minimum dust and noise pollution possible when driving through the village or its environment.

      In respect to quad bikes, the licensing codes have been deleted from the Road Traffic Act, so no quad bikes are legally allowed on any public road, which is any road (tar or unsurfaced) used by the general public.

      Every biker who uses the roads in and around Wakkerstroom does so at their own risk, and risk prosecution if they break the law, and they are personally bound to act responsibly.

      It is desirable that the ethos of the village as a quiet rural retreat be maintained, and bikers should adhere to all speed limits (in town, on gravel roads, maximum of 40km/hr) and general traffic laws, taking note of the legal restriction of 95 decibels at normal operating levels – not idling (measured 1 metre from the exhaust) as a MAXIMUM noise level. (Noise measurement devices are easily downloadable as an app on your cell phone.)

      Illegal activities include:

      • riding of quad bikes on public roads
      • riding on public roads by under-age or unlicensed drivers
      • breaking speed limits
      • riding without helmets and other necessary protective gear
      • not stopping at stop streets
      • riding vehicles without the legal noise restrictions (under 95 decibels)
      • acting in any way which could be construed as dangerous or irresponsible.  This includes “wheelies” in town on both tar and gravel roads, speeding and ignoring traffic signs.

      Bikers are requested to respect the safety, peace and privacy of all residents, domestic animals, other visitors and of the local wildlife (including birds) and flora. Sensitive areas, such as the wetland and Voortrekker/Ossewakop, must be avoided as they are of ecological importance and must be kept pristine due to the international importance of Wakkerstroom as a significant birding center.

      Ossewakop can be accessed via the Utrecht road, and all vehicles must keep to the roads and tracks due to the ecological sensitivity of the mountain.

      Residents and visitors can telephone the head of Traffic in Volksrust, Mr Sam Ngwenya, on 017 734 6100 to report traffic violations.


      Wakkerstroom Tourism Association